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Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers (MAIN GAME)

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Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers (MAIN GAME!)
107-card deck full of fun cheat codes and challenges to make sure you and your friends have an unforgettable round!
This game is a must-have for every golfer – whether you’re a scratch golfer or a 30 handicap!
Each player draws a card before taking the tee box.  Cards will present a unique challenge or advantage for each player at each hole.
Cards will fall into 1 of 5 categories:
Sucks 4 U - These cards are bad for you!
Hell Yeah! - These cards are good for you!
Attack! - These cards are bad for a player of your choosing
Party! - These cards are good OR bad but affect the entire group-- not just the player who drew the card.
Hold On! - These are good cards that can be held and redeemed throughout the round.  Save the cards through the entire round, and you get to take some strokes off of your final score!


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@badcardsforegoodgolfers TBH- not sure that it would have gone better with the whole bag in play 😂 #Proud90 If you’re looking for a fun way to challenge your skills and add some extra fun to your next round of golf, pull out some Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers! For this round we limited the deck to just the “Hell Yeah” (good) and “Sucks 4 U” (bad) cards. At each tee box, the round leader would draw from the “bad” cards and the guy in last would draw from the “good” cards. It was a super fun way to keep the game close throughout the round and provided some good laughs! #golf #golfer #golfvlog #golftok #badcardsforegoodgolfers ♬ original sound - Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers

Bad Cards is the Best Gift for Golfers

Stop buying the golfers in your life boring gifts. Switch it up and spice up their next round! Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers is designed to bring more fun and competition to everyone's round. Bad Cards makes every hole feel like a brand new experience thanks to the creativity and variety in the 107-card deck. Bad Cards brings people together and creates golf memories that will last a long long time. So why settle for the same old golf gifts? Surprise the golfers in your life with something truly unique. Get your deck of Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers today and let the fun begin!

Golf Card Game FAQs

What if I suck at golf?

Don't worry! We aren't either. Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers card deck is split about 50/50 of cards that will help your game and cards that will hurt your game. Bad Cards Main Game was made to make everyone in your group suck equally. That's what makes it fun! This golf card game is designed for all ages and skill levels, that's what makes this the perfect gift for golfers. Check out the founders of Bad Cards using this game to make their Saturday round more fun and competitive -> Founders Play Bad Cards

How many people do you need to play?

Any amount will work! Play solo or team up and play with 8 people. Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers is a hilarious way to play a round of golf no matter how many people you have. You could scroll through our TikTok for hours and watch an endless amount of people making golf even more fun.

What if the golf course is really busy?

We definitely don't recommend slowing down the pace of play. People may get get cranky. But, this shouldn't stop you from enjoying yourself and making your round more fun!

Try these single-card variations:


With this gameplay, you stack the deck with bad cards and only the round leader has to draw.


With this gameplay, you stack the deck with good cards and only the round loser gets to draw.

What are some of the funniest cards?

Every card in the 107-card deck can be funny depending on who you're playing with. There are cards that get everyone in the group involved like "Whoooaa Yeah", there are cards that can lead to a hole-in-one like Where My Beaches At, and cards that will make you pull your hair out like Worst Ball Personal Scramble. Check out the Top 10 Funniest Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers

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Chelsea Poynot
I never got my package I want a refund

I never got my package I want a refund

Hey Chelsea
According to our records, USPS shows your package as delivered on 5/28/24. (So maybe this 1-star review belongs on the USPS site!)
Had you reached out via email to let us know that it was not in fact delivered, we would have been happy to expedite a replacement then we would have filed a claim with USPS on our end.
We pride ourselves on being a VERY reachable company- email, DM, smoke signals, etc.
It would have been nice to have the opportunity to remedy your issue back in May.
We'll issue a refund now.

Fun as hell

My group of golfing buddies are pretty different skill levels and this caters to all of us. Good or bad we all have a blast!

bradley Franks
Very fun game

Played 36 holes this weekend. My golf buddy has a 2 handicap while i have a 20 lol. Definitely evened the odds for me while laughing our butts off every hole.


Great item with fun

Vince Stewart
Funny play on words

The cards were very fun to play with, which added a nice change into the round of golf