Bad Cards fun golf card game

Top 10 Funniest Cards in the Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers

Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers is a golf card game that was designed to create more laughs, fun, and memories on the course. The 107-card deck has many great cards, but these 10 are some of the best. The card deck is a great mix of challenging, frustrating, embarrassing, and hilarious golf shots that are guaranteed to make your next round unforgettable. Check out Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers for your next round or as a golf gift!

Sucks 4 U

Bunker Down

Close Up of the Bunker Down Golf Card

Nice approach shot…sike. Hope you like the beach because no matter how great an approach, chip, or pitch shot you hit, once that ball touches the green it’s going in the bunker. Better hit the green quickly and master the sand wedge!

Personal Scramble

Classic hole of worst ball. Imagine hitting a hole-in-one and it not counting. There is a chance of that if you pull this Sucks 4 U card at the tee box. This card will lead to some high…high scores. Hope you’re locked in!

Hell Yeah!

Where My Beaches At

Probably one of the best cards in the deck. Pull this card and aim for the closest bunker. Ever hit a drive into a fairway bunker? Well, do it here and you got yourself an ace!

Liars Lie

You don’t have to feel guilty about improving your lie today! Legally cheat when you pull this card.  No reason to chunk, top, or whiff with this card in your pocket.  Perfect lie every time!


The ‘Ol Switcharoo

Hit your tee shot OB and end up in the middle of the fairway! The downside to this card is if everyone in your group shanks it, good thing switching is optional. Definitely, some reverse psychology to be played with this card.

Whoa Yeeeaahhh

Things may get a little awkward here, so be sure to record a video. We can only hope this card pops up when you’re golfing with your father-in-law, boss or pastor. Also, this card only applies on the tee box, so if someone moans at you in the fairway…they may be trying to tell you something.


Hit It ‘n Quit It


No practice strokes here. Step up, hit it, and quit it. Hope for the best. If it works out, maybe stop taking practice swings for the rest of your round– you’re welcome in advance.

Long Bomb Challenge

Get your Happy Gilmore on and give it a rip. Yes, the ball has to be in play. 300-yard boomerang slices that end up in someone's kitchen don’t count.

Hold On


The bank is open! Redeem this card to take the stress out of putting. Yes, everyone will laugh at you if you miss this putt. Master of the greens? Great, save this till the end to take one stroke off of your final score instead.

S-Hand Wedge

Not sure who invented sand bunkers, but they aren’t invited to our next round. Forget the pain of hitting the ball deeper into the sand or just duffing the ball 5 inches. Get your Tom Brady on and throw the ball out. If you’re one of the few who actually practice this miserable shot, then save this card for -1…try hard.


Bad Cards Fore Good Golfer is the number 1 way to spice up any round of golf. Our products also make really fun gifts for golfers. Don't buy a boring golf towel or the 200th golf hat. Switch it up and pick up some Bad Cards!

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