Bad Cards is the best golf Christmas gift

Make this Christmas Awesome with These Golf Gifts

Got that one golfer in your life who may not be good at golf, but talks about it all day and wishes they were at the course every day? If so, Bad Cards has got your back for the perfect Christmas golf gifts. Become Saint Jack Nicklaus (Wow... that's a terrible pun) with our variety of card games for golfers. This is a golf gift that they can use with their friends and will add some spice to their usual rounds. Buy your golfer a Christmas gift that will create hilarious memories and endless stories (that you probably don’t really want to hear). Bad Cards, are the most fun Christmas gift for golfers!

Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers

Our Bad Cards Fore Good Golfer Main Game is a golfing card game that spices up the usual weekend round while maintaining that traditional golf vibe. With a 107-card deck, your golf crew is bound to resemble a bunch of knuckleheads, while channeling a few moments of 1999 Tiger Woods (maybe.....probably not). Each player or team draws a card, and the ensuing instructions must be followed for the rest of the hole. It's as simple as sipping hot cocoa while watching ELF (The worlds best Christmas movie.) So, grab a few decks of Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers, and be the best golf gift giver this Holiday season!

Bad Cards Fore Gambling Golfers

This Christmas, it's time to bring your A-game or risk a big hit to your wallet. Bad Cards Fore Gambling Golfers transforms your Saturday round into an exciting, hilarious, and potentially expensive, event. Following a similar structure to our Main Game, draw one card per hole to determine the bet amount and wager. Half of the cards involve paying or receiving payment from fellow players, while the other half contributes to the jackpot. The round's winner takes home the jackpot, making it a Christmas miracle for the better golfer!

Drinkin’ Rules

Because nothing pairs better with golf than a few too many cold ones, we've crafted the Drinkin’ Rules expansion pack. With 19 cards that pair with our main game, Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers, this pack guarantees a round filled with shenanigans. Create a weekend round that you may or may not remember forever!

Experience a sneak peek of the fun

Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers is on a mission to elevate a round of golf for every golfer hitting the course this holiday season, no matter the skill level. While golf may traditionally be seen as a serious and professional game, we're here to remind you that it's okay to go out and just have a great time. Pick up some Bad Cards Fore Good Golfer, the best Christmas gift for golfers, and have a holly, jolly holiday season!

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