Making Golf Fun For Everyone in the Group

Making Golf Fun For Everyone in the Group

It’s Saturday morning- about damn time. You and your group of weekend warriors are heading to the local course to drink…I mean play the greatest game available to the average Joe. This is the 10th weekend in a row of playing with the same foursome and you feel energy is off. You’re scared that your group is losing the motivation and excitement you once had for the game of golf. You’re at an impasse– you can give up, try to fall in love again with another sport like pickleball or walking basketball. (It’s a real thing! Look it up!) OR you can strap on a cape, be the hero you were born to be, and save the day with Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers!  And maybe some tequila…yeah, definitely bring tequila!

Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers is the number 1 golf card game on the market. This 107-card deck of madness is sure to breathe some life into your next weekend round. The deck is full of fun cheat codes and challenges that will guarantee hilarious moments that your group will never forget. Scrambles, team play, wolf, skins, vegas– are the typical ways to shake things up, but now it’s time for something new!  Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers is perfect for that.  PLUS it’s a great way to equalize play between a wide range of skill levels.  Finally, you’re ace golfer can get knocked down a peg (or two).

How to Play

Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers is super simple to play (even for that one guy in the group…you know who we’re talking about). Let us explain.

Step 1: Draw a card

When your group arrives at the tee box, every player will draw a card. The cards will simply prompt you how to play the hole– good, bad or otherwise.

There are 5 card categories.



Hell Yeah!

You want these cards!  These cards are helpful and will give you a leg up on the competition. Like the one above, “Where My Beaches At.” This card makes any sand trap count as if it were the cup. You have the potential for the elusive hole-in-one on a par 5 if you land in a fairway bunker.

Sucks 4 U

You guessed it…you don’t want these cards. Sucks 4 U cards are going to make the hole more challenging.  Maybe you have to putt with your driver. Maybe you can only use your 5-iron.  Pray to the golf gods that these do NOT pop up for you!



These cards will be bad for the player of your choosing. Got beef with someone in your group? This will be your chance to mess with them. 


Good or bad, these cards apply to everyone in the group. No excuses on this hole. Let the group's true skills show off here because everyone has the same challenge.

Hold On!

These are good cards that can be held and played throughout the round as you see fit. Free drop, gimme from anywhere on the green, mulligans– lots of good stuff in there! In addition, each of these cards has a negative number in the top right corner.  If you opt NOT to play some of your Hold On cards during the round and hold them until the end, you can redeem them for strokes off of your final score.

Step 2: Play Golf!


We told you it was easy. Enjoy the round and have fun!

What if I want to spice it up even more?


Trying to forget the 55 you shot on the front 9? Play the rest of the round with our Drinkin Rules expansion pack.

Same rules apply here, just the added element of alcohol. Create hilarious moments that you probably won’t remember with these 19 cards. Be careful though, drinking and driving is only cool on the tee box.

What's Next?

No matter your handicap, Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers was created to make your next round more fun. This golf card game is the perfect buy before your next Saturday round or the perfect golf gift for the obsessed golfer in your life! Join the Bad Cards community with these card sets or check out the other golf card games we have! 

Still unsure…don’t be a sour grape. Look at how fun it is!

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