Bad Cards is the best golf card game

How Bad Cards is Changing Golf For The Better

Golf is slowly changing. This great game is becoming much more than sweater vests and stuffy clubhouses. Golf is becoming fun…for everyone. Bad Cards is creating more laughs, hilarious moments, and letting the younger generation be themselves. It’s okay to go to the golf course and act a little dumb and reckless (within reason). Sure, it’s important to show respect and have proper etiquette in this game we all love, but it’s okay to let loose and just have fun. Let Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers be your guide to a round of golf like never before. Be yourself and create funny memories with this great card game for golf!


Revolutionizing Your Next Round

Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers is the number 1 golf card game on the market. This 107-card deck of madness is sure to breathe some life into your next weekend round. The deck is full of fun cheat codes and challenges that will guarantee hilarious moments that your group will never forget. 

Sure, scrambles, team play, wolf, skins, and Vegas-style games can shake things up, but now it's time for something fresh and exhilarating. The game not only adds a fun twist to your rounds but also levels the playing field, ensuring that even the ace golfer in your group gets a run for their money.

How to Play the Game

Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers is super simple to play (even for that one guy in the group…you know who we’re talking about). Let us explain.

Step 1: Draw a Card

Upon reaching the tee box, each player draws a card, determining how they play the hole – whether it's a good, bad, or neutral scenario. The cards fall into five categories:

Hell Yeah!: You want these cards!  These cards are helpful and will give you an advantage over the competition. Like the card, “Where My Beaches At.” This card makes any sand trap count as if it were the cup. You have the potential for a hole-in-one on a par 5 if you land in a fairway bunker.

Sucks 4 U: Challenging cards that make the hole more difficult, such as putting with a driver or limiting your club choice to just 1 club for the entire hole.

Attack!: Targeted at a specific player, allowing you to mess with them.

Party!: Cards that apply to everyone, adding an element of fairness and showcasing everyone's skills.

Hold On!: Positive cards to be strategically used throughout the round, each with a potential score reduction if held until the end.

Step 2: Play Golf!

Yes, it's that simple. Enjoy the round, embrace the challenges, and most importantly, have fun!

Spice It Up with the Drinkin’ Rules Expansion Pack


Feeling bold? Enhance the experience with our golf drinking game – the same rules, but now with an added twist of alcohol. With 19 cards, this pack introduces a new level of hilarity, but remember, drinking and driving are only cool on the tee box.

What's Next?

Regardless of your handicap, Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers is designed to make your rounds more enjoyable. It's more than just a golf card game, we are trying to change the way the average person plays golf. Consider it your go-to companion for Saturday golf or the perfect gift for the average golfer in your life. Join the Bad Cards community and elevate your golf rounds with these golf card sets or explore the other exciting golf card games we offer!

Still skeptical? Take a peek at how much fun you could have!

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