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Founders Play Bad Cards


Many people call the Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers game “The Great Equalizer.” Our founders Scott Taube and Tommy Brantley set off on a 3 hole mission to test that theory. Before the round, Scott boasts his 30 handicap, while Tommy quietly mentions he is a 4 handicap. Thanks to Bad Cards, these two friends were able to play a fun and competitive match! That’s what makes this such a fun addition to your regular rounds! You can make this golf card game EVEN MORE FUN with our different expansion packs. 

Scott and Tommy played a 3-hole match, where Scott used only “Hell Yeah” or helpful cards and Tommy used all “Sucks 4 U” or not-so-helpful cards. These cards had Scott hitting every shot from the fairway, playing best ball, and even using the flagstick to line up a putt. Tommy on the other hand had pretty much the opposite…bad lies and no-look putts forced him to really bring his A game. 


Round Highlights (Probably more of lowlights…those are a little more fun)


Card Names


Let’s start here. The card names are funny. A nice mix of immaturity and descriptiveness that will make just about anyone chuckle. “I Like it Rough” and “Straddle It” were just 2 of the dozens of cards in this deck that will bring a smile to 99% of golfers' faces. 


Scott Taube’s Shirt


Not too much to say…just thought the tigers were a good look.


Scott on a Par 3


This was quite a showing. First, he gets one of the best cards in the deck, “Bumpers Up”, which allows you to use the flag stick as a guide to pretty much guarantee you make any putt. One important thing to note is that you have to get to the green first. Scott kind of struggled with that part. It started with the classic chunk shot that went about 70 yards (Tommy was sure to point that out for us lol). Followed by a shot that I think made a quick left turn and went OB. Then came the unfortunate event of missing the flagstick on the putt. This could probably be compared to missing a wide-open fast break layup or failing a test when you were given the answers or being that waiter who drops an entire tray of drinks. Whichever one it is…rough hole for our man Scott.


Tommy’s Final Reaction


What a victory laugh. This is the reaction you will get if you give Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers as a gift. 

Want to have more fun in your next round of golf? Pick up some Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers! Have a friend or family member who loves golf, but you don’t know what to get them? These cards make amazing gifts for golfers of all skill levels! Join the Bad Cards community!

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